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of us. west of westminster, it's pretty much gone. now, south of us, we had a severe thunderstorm warning. that was canceled. around the city, particularly now from owings mills to jacksonville. to middle river, east of the city now. and that northwest corner of the region. that's why we're seeing the strongest storms. and also, over portions of harford county. perry hall. right now, the heaviest activity between jacksonville and perry hall. and south of hereford, to the east of butler. some of these storms had produced some hail. by about 7:00, most of this activity will be gone and through the region. we'll be left with a very humid and warm night. bernadette joins us now, a quick look at satellite and current warnings. bernadette? >> that's right. that's how it all came together today. temperatures got up there and fueled this line of thunderstorms, now making its way through the state. and because of that, severe thunderstorm warnings as bob was talking about, we have them for harford, carol, baltimore county and carroll county and also york city until 6:15. severe thunderstor
is charging him with five counts of willfully making a threat and conveying false information, using fire and explosives. transit police believe gray has made multiple bomb threat calls. back to you, denise. >>> thank you, kai. transit police say the suspect may face more counts. >>> money, not safety. that's what baltimore residents are saying about bringing speed cameras to local streets. they argue it's all for the sake of raising funds. weijia jiang is live in towson, as the controversial proposal comes under fire. >> they would be within a half mile radius of select schools. and the fine is $30 each time, leaving many wowrnding -- wondering if there is a hidden agenda. >> reporter: baltimore county taxpayers packed into a meeting, to lay out the debate over speed cameras. if approved, the devices would be installed in school areas and operate from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 p.m. drivers going 12 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit could face a $40 fine. >> there are a lot of people who speed. and police officers are not everywhere. >> it's about protecting people. and
shirley represents the largest city housing pract. she spoke to us shortly after being released from the hospital earlier today. >> reporter: the bullet went straight into her living room. she spoke to wjz from the same sofa where she was struck. >> i remember hearing the explosion. i remember when i went down, hearing three or mur more gunshots. and i remember hearing that i had been hit. and after that, pain. i have been in shock trauma half the night. and the police station the other halftime of the morning. so i'm tired. >> reporter: as a person who is active in the community, does it disappoint you? >> it disappoints me. but it won't stop me. >> reporter: she calls the ordeal unbelievable. it could have been anyone. she lives next to two schools. police presence will now be pumped up in cherry hill. >> what's disturbing is the woman is a very active community person in that area. sor so thank god it wasn't worse. >> it's very frustrating. things have been going very well in the cherry hill area. >>> as far as you know, you weren't targeted. >> no, huh-uh. people may not lik
, live to tell us which precautions you should take. >> people looking to beat the heat any way they can. a lot of folks here walking around with ice water, ice cream. not too many people sitting outdoors. and an officer told me all day long, they have been kicking people out of the fountains at pratt and light streets. >> reporter: at a soccer camp being held this week at mercy high school, student athletes take numerous breaks in this advisory. >> they give us a lot of water breaks. so it's not that bad. >> reporter: so outdoor practice eventually moved indoors. >> you gotta get a feel for the kids. they're all at different levels. you can't assume that they're all ready to be intense in this type of heat. >> if your temperature obviously is over 105, that is heat stroke like. and that can cause pretty nasty consequences if not dealt with early. >> reporter: the blazing sun no stop for road crews. workers trying to stay cool. but some find it a losing battle. >> you going to work all day? >> not in this hot. >> when it's hot like this, do you have to do anything special when you're cel
apology. delegate sounding more contrite about using police to stage a wedding proposal. >> reporter: unethical proposal. that's what they asked about john's helicopter and harbor officers staging a ray on a friend's boat. >> what does this reveal about him? >> reporter: i regret and apology, i love my hometown baltimore and would never jeopardize its reputation or hurt its resources but as the police commissioner waits for results of the information, how could he not know he was using the resources. >> t first he minimizes, he says it was a 5- minute safety check. he is 39, he's not a kid. this is not something you can write off to be immature. >> reporter: he goes further saying he hopes it serves as his apology to the people and hopes the mistake will not define his career. >> i think in a democratic state it may not hurt him. >> he says he's embarrassed and not providing details of the event. >> when people act they're coming clean, they have to come totally clean. they can't say i don't know, but i will not give you the information you seek. >> there's been no rest of judg
:30 in the morning, dr. murray finally gave him the strong sedative propofol. normally used in hospitals for surge -- surgery. murray admitted jackson finally fell asleep. he said he then stepped away for less than two minutes and when he returned, jackson had stopped breathing. he said he had been monitoring jackson's oxygen with a pulse oximenter. they say the l.a. coroner has ruled jackson's death a homicide. dr. murray remains under investigation for manslaughter. he's been keeping a very low profile since jackson's death. he recently sent out a message on you tube, simply thanking his supporters and putting his trust in god. manuel gallegus, cbs news, los angeles. >> while jackson's death has been considered a homicide,, so far, no one has been charged or arrested. >>> police hope you can identify two bank robbery suspects. take a electric at -- look at the photos of the suspects. they're wanted for holding up the pnc bank in crofton on saturday. the suspects were last seen driving a light-colored pickup truck heading south on route 3. >>> tonight, the state health department confirms that a
setting up crimes from behind bars. it would interfere with cell phone use by private citizens. >> it head to the full senate for by date. >> at this hour, the library was evacuated around 1:00 in the afternoon after that package was found on the stairs outside. crews are trying to determine what is inside the package. >>> now, baltimore city police launched an investigation following a drug invest that left a suspect brain dead. the emotional reaction from family and police. >> reporter: only eyewitness news when crime scene arrives collecting evidence. the baltimore man ended up in a coma following a drug investigation on this west baltimore alley. >> when they were chasing him, he say he threw the stuff, but they found the stuff, stuffed it down his throat after they tased him and beat him, kicked him and beat him like crazy. >> she say her brother is brain dead. >> they kick him and stomped him so bad his lungs are gone. >> reporter: the police say he swallowed the drugs and they were trying to give him the heimlich maneuver. >> we have nothing documented of a taser,
to close some will close this fall. if they do, it is important to all of us that our students learn. >> starting next week student scientists at the school of medicine will start trials on a new hine hine vaccine. >> we will be giving the swine flu vaccine to volunteers who are young adults in the 18-64 age group. they will be given two doses of the vaccine three weeks apart. they can determine whether one or two doses are necessary. >> there are questions about the best dose to give and the best number to give. >> in maryland there are 766 confirmed cases of h1n1. and five people have died from the virus. if the h1n1 vaccine proves effective and it will be ready for distribution in october. it is not leer where it will be available and how much it will cost. the government is looking whether schools will be vaccine clinics. they have prepareed a vaccine that should be available shortly. he would want to be ready for th vaccine by october. >>> and doctors are urging everyone, especially students to get your regular flu shots prior to the h1n1 vaccine as soon as that one is available
't look so good, he told us he was sorry about the loss and he put his head down. he didn't say nothing else. >> i know he's in a lot of pain, he lost his son, too. i know that my daughter and his son loved each other very much. i know that he's hurting a lot for what happened and i wouldn't. i'm not blaming him for this. it was an accident. >> reporter: it's in times like these that one remembers the simple joys of life. >> she, she would tell me -- how much she loved me. >> reporter: now, there are about 150 people here and more arriving and causing a traffic jam as people try to get in here. her family tells me, they don't have insurance on her and they have a $7000 burial bill and they're taking up the collection at the office here. the memorial is underway and we'll have more tonight as we have a crew here tonight at 11:00. reporting live in overly, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >>> and her funeral will be at saturday morning at 11:00 and arrangements are pending for michael joan's jr.'s funeral. >>> we're on baldwin mill road off of north of root 152 -- well, it's in fallston n
. >> reporter: edward kennedy is the third longest-serving senator in u.s. history. he was first elected back in 1962 to fill the seat his older brother jfk left after being elected president. and nearly 50 years, he served long 10 presidents. in 1980, he lost his bid for the white house to jimmy carter. some say kennedy's career was forever tarnished by the 1960 accident at chapaquidick. but edward kennedy will mostly be remembered for his legislative achievements in healthcare, civil rights, education, immigration and so much more. >> eyewitness news spoke with a number of political people today. and wjz 13 is always on. check in with eyewitness news for complete coverage of the passing of senator ted kennedy. for a slide show of his legendary career, extra video, and more reaction, go to wjz.com. now, tonight at 8:00, on wjz, it's the cbs news special. ted kennedy, the last brother. a look back at the senator's incredible career and the legacy he leaves behind. that's tonight at 8:00 on wjz. >>> another big story today. tropical trouble churning in the atlantic following tropical storm dan
to use libts road. that's the only -- liberty road. that's the only way around this. >> it's only the preseason. but tonight, baltimore ranks fans -- ravens fans are basking in the glory. eyewitness news is live at camden yards where the orioles are playing tonight. sports director mark viviano has a look back at yesterday's highlights from the ravens victory. >>> just 24 hours ago, we were getting ready for football at the parking lot at ravens stadium there. and there certainly was an energy, an excitement. people getting pumped up for the start of a new football season. and the ravens delivered with an easy win over the redskins. >> reporter: joe flacco stepped into the second season as a raven and orchestrated an offense that took positive steps on the field. a short pass to ray rice, turns into the longest game of the drive. 34 yards in washington territory that led to the first of two field goals. and a lead the ravens never relink wished. -- relinquished. try troi smith, connecting -- troy smith, connecting with justin harford. and the first dress rehearsal is a successful
island. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain mike perry has details for us. mike? >> reporter: hello, vic. this is a confirmed drowning at pleasure island, which is a popular boating and swimming park off of miller island and dundalk, baltimore county. the forest park service has a ranger in this area. apparently a 26-foot boat was off of pleasure island, when a rescue was called in. apparently initial information was that someone had jumped off the boat and drowned. upon arrival of firefighters and police officers, a victim was found tied alongside this 26-foot boat. and this was a male that had drowned. he has been taken from the water. and been confirmed dead at this point. now, police are investigating this as a suspicious death at this time. they do have investigators from the maryland natural resources police on scene and also other investigators en route to the scene, to investigate this. at this point, there is no word on exactly how this happened. but stay tuned to eyewitness news throughout the evening. and we'll continue to keep you updated as we get more details. b
news. >> using rivers to jumpstart new populations of native oysters is showing big prom in the virginia part of the bay. the survival rate there is triple of what is expected. i wish i liked oysters. >> there are not that many so it's better you don't. >>> still to come on eyewitness news -- could going green mean rethinking the size of your family? signs that say children are bad for the environment. >>> after months at sea, the usns comfort is coming home. a look at celebration as it arrives in canton. >>> a rooftop wind turbine in federal hill? will it generate energy or be an eye sore for the neighborhood? that story coming up. >>> and your updated first warning forecast is coming up. >>> with soaring electricity bills more and more people want their green alternatives for power. wind is becoming one of the most attractive alternatives. as derek valcourt explains one city homeowner wants to install a wind turbine on top of her federal hill home. >> reporter: this is a miniature model of the 7 foot tall, 6 foot wide wind turbine marcia wido wants on the roof of her h
think about healthcare reform. e-mail us, your thoughts to wjz web alert at cbs.com. or click on the link at the top of the wjz.com home page. and you can do that any time. wjz is always on. vic? >> thank you, mike. a coalition launched a $12 million tv ad campaign today. >>> at this hour, there is more rain moving into the area. a live look outside right now. will it be a wet night and will we get a break from all of this humidity? tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. >>> let's take a look at radar. we've got a few very widely scattered showers here. now moved down south to the city. they've cleared the area. and continued to move down to the south. and continued to pretty much weaken. a few more over on the eastern shore. right around princess anne. there were some showers around. right now, it's few and far between, believe me. looks like a pretty quiet night. not really seeing anything develop at this hour. although we still have a moist atmosphere. i cannot totally rule out a possible shower this evening. now, we've got a game in town tonight. and tim will
of state workers who showed up before an impromptu state protest. >> why does it always have to be us that pays. why us? >> bge is not going to wait for us to give them money before they turn my electricity off. >> another 40,000 will be forced to take a furlough of three days. >> i'm more frustrated. because i feel as though, in 40 years, i deserve that. >> hundreds will be out of jobs and without a paycheck. >> what are we going to do? lose our homes? ooze snim not -- >> i'm not going to tear up on the tv. but it's horrible that that's happened. >> they're not nibbling at us anymore. this governor has taken bites. >> reporter: and they vow their voices have to be heard. saying they can't be silent anymore. >> i've been with the state 30- something years or more. but i have never seen it as bad as it is now. >> reporter: and several workers tell us services are suffering as their work loads increase because there are so many unfilled positions. back to you. >> thank. stay with wjz for continuing coverage of these budget cuts. remember, wjz is always on. log onto our website, for a qu
in maryland has outlived its usefulness. >> the bullet hit raven in the head. she has survived the injuries. this will be key in davis' defense. >> and he faces attempted murder charges. he remains in custody at this hour. reporting live in southwest baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, mike. thank you very much. >>> and police say several witnesses identified davis as the shooter. >>> we're still following the breaking news we told you about last hour. a two-alarm house fire remains over the scene. captain mike perry with the very latest. >> reporter: hello, sally. i think i did misspeak. we had a two-alarm fire. about seven pieces from a fire apparatus. now, this is just south of queens town and north of 404. you can see heavy fire throughout this single family home. no reports of injuries at this time. but still plenty of fire apparatus on the scene. several dozen still running back and forth between a golf course, taking water from the scene. that's what they had to use to knock down this fire. but as you can see, it consumed most of the home before fire officials wer
. residents have had their hands full from the severe weather that struck us inland overnight and today. as alex alex demetrick reports, some spots were hit with damage. and the threat of floods is growing. >>> jurisdictions around maryland will be keeping a very close eye on streams. ground is already saturated. >> reporter: streams are running fast and high and could climb higher, if heavy rains hit again. and if those rains come with the kind of violent thunderstorms they did earlier this morning, the damage that hit lutherville could touch down anywhere. >> we were already asleep. and all of a sudden, we heard this crack. and we thought lightning had struck the house. >> at 1:00, i heard the pummeling. sounded like bombs going off. and shortly after that, it was just heavy, torrential rains for about 40 minutes. >> reporter: damage was scattered. as winds ripped loose took out fences and this swimming pool. but the closest call came when lightning split a huge tree in half, bringing down tons of wood, while residents slept just inside. >> this is our bedroom right here. you know, f
the next 12 to 24 hours. but we are going to continue to monitor this storm. and its impact on us. for more on that impact, we're going to send it over to marty bass. >> thank you, tim. good evening teveryone. let's just-- good evening, everyone. let's just assume that this never goes to a category 1 hurricane. don't let the thought be diminished in your mind that this is a bad scenario. a tropical storm, those sustained winds could ruin your day just like that. so even if we have a tropical storm and only tropical storm passing our shores, just imagine, the biggest nor'easter we would see this winter. you could expect tomorrow, rain starting out through the morning and midday. maybe a small storm surge. but clearly at night, even with the tropical storm, once again, keep in mind, the biggest nor'easter you'd see this winter, we could easily see some coastal flooding. also, there's the other problem. that's going to be heavy surf and rip tides. and we'll start to though throw some advisories. and it is up through saturday night. just gotta remember, this is a deep area of low pressure. and
need more laws to help us do a better job. >> reporter: and another problem with the gang violence is the stop snitching mentality. the police say that the victims aren't cooperative when it comes to describing the shooter. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >>> the owners of the pavilion say they're cooperating with the investigation. >>> the sentence is in for the man that was caught with a pipe bomb. >>> the 22-year-old will spend 8 years in prison. he was convicted of having an explosive device and attempting to disarm a police officer last year near the university of maryland downtown. in addition to the pipe bomb, a face mask was also found. he has an fbi file dating back years involving other explosive incidents including detonating a bomb in his mother's home when he was 13. >>> thank you he plans on appealing the ruling. >>> the hurricane season is heating i and the remnants from claudette brought rain and surf to the gulf coast of florida and alabama. people are snapping up supplies as the atlantic storm season quicks into gear and bernadette woods is closely tracking all of
and in the past 11 days. 3.15 inches of rain and that brings us up to 3.42. we'll have the forecast shortly. >>> okay, bernadette woods, thank you. wjz is always on go, to our website for the updates on the forecast and live doppler radar and power outages, go to our website. >>> and several are recovering after another carbon monoxide leak in middle river. the baltimore county firefighters said that ten had to be rushed to the hospital from two different apartments. four were children and officials believe that a dirty filter in a hot weather heater caused the poisoning. >>> a baltimore county couple is accused in a large and disturbing child pornography case. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: the lengthy charges are too graphic to describe and they suggest that the couple used a medical background to subdue and victimize several children. >> this 34-year-old and this 26- year-old are accused of promoting child pornography and filming it. >> this is gross and there's no term other than a foul term to describe it. >> reporter: inside their home, detectives discovered movie files and dvds
to trial. the mayor's lawyers tell us they plan to file several motions to dismiss it before that time. >> eyewitness news and wjz.com would like to know how difficult you think it will be to seat an impartial jury in sheila dixon's case. very difficult? not hard at all? or you're not sure. here's a look at updated results. 59% say it'll be difficult. 33% say it won't be 7% of you are not sure. the legal battle t >>> towson catholic high school open is over...this comes towson catho after parents agreed to drop a lawsuit against t over. parents agreed to drop a archdiocese. against spoke with one of the parents who filed the lawsuit. windsor says she archdiocese. >> i tell my husband i need to talk to somebody because they've shaken my faith. my religion. >> reporter: lois windsor wanted the school to remain open. her daughter will be a graduating senior next year. >> this was her fun year. her last year. >> reporter: days after the archdiocese of baltimore said it was forced to close the school because of deep debt and low attendance parents and students took to the school's c
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21